Swfir.com – Font and Image Replacement Techniques

Swfir.com is a knowledgeable online resource that provides information about image replacement techniques. Image replacing is a technique that is used in many websites for the replacement of a text with an image, which contains the text such as a header with the image of the text in a nice font. Any image replacing technique intends to keep web page accessible users of Text only Internet browsers, screen readers and other web browsers (which its support for images and style sheets are non existent or disabled). The name of one of the individuals, who is credited for the idea of image replacing goes by the name of Todd Fahrner.

The typical main method of inserting a HTML format document is via (<img> tag). However, this method has its flexibility and accessibility difficulties. The css image replace technique was devised for the rectification of the following issues: Web browsers without images support will not be able to see the text, adding text with the usage of the alt will disallow HTML markups and will cause issues with a few searches robots, an image referenced with the usage of an <img> tag can’t be easily modified or change, etc.

The css image replacement is a very well known web design technique, which uses external Cascading Style Sheets or CSS files. The css image replace technique uses Cascading Style Sheets for the replacing of a text in a website. This technique replaces the text with an image that contains text. The javascript image replace technique provides an updated file that updates the script in every single page, the websites become lighter since the included image is cached by the browser, etc. The javascript image replacement procedure was first initialized by Peter Paul Koch. The javascript image replace performs the same task of replacing in a more flexible and accessible form.

SIFR, also known as Scalable Inman replacement is a mix of of Adobe flash and JavaScript wich implements dynamic web fonts into any website. The Scalable Inman replacement was initiated by Mike Davidson and then improved by Mark Wubben. The flash image replacement technique enables to replace text elements on all HTML websites with their flash equivalents. Since the day of creation of this technique it has renewed the dynamic web fonts support in all browsers.

Nowadays font replace methods have improved compared with a few years ago. Font replacement is the procedure of usage of one font in the place of another font. Some of the most known font replace methods are the following: Cufon, Font Squirrel, Font Face, Font Deck, FLIR, etc. Here, at swfir.com you will find and learn about a variety of details and facts of image replacement.