Flash Games Evolution

Technology has been an important part of our lives for many decades. Along with the computer era the internet and the applications provided to and for everyday computer users have made us become accustomed to every small change and make us desire even more from our devices.

When it comes to computers the internet was the biggest technological revolution that we have seen so far; along with the increase in user numbers and the speed available to us, we started wanting more from every aspect of them. Then came the desire for bigger and better media files. That was the beginning of dynamics to images.

Images became the starting page for what we know today as Flash animations. Gif images were created to add more value and action to a simple image and the animations became something very familiar to all of us. Macromedia Flash started a whole new trend with animation and suddenly those who were computer savvy enough began to experiment with the program more and more turning simple animations to interactive applications.

This is how Flash games started out. From a simple image or a sketch in a Flash stage, someone added a few frames to create an animation and then the animation started responding to the user’s actions. Using a keyboard or a mouse users were able to interact with the Flash animation and this quickly developed into games.

Flash games have become very popular today making them the easiest and quickest way of enjoying a few minutes of fun daily. Anyone can play Flash games on the internet or directly on their desktop. Free online Flash games are available on the web. Download of free Flash games is made easy because of the astounding number of games available on the web. The games were the inevitable next level taken from animation, all with the help of Flash.