Image Online Site Creation

The image creation for an store site needs a type of software program for the process. Depending on the image you want to create you have two types of software which are the following: Image manipulation software and Illustration software. For the creation of the image you might use both software or only one software, which depends on the case.

The Image manipulation also known as Photo editor is a program that used for the modification of existing images and creation of new images. This software is recommended for resizing and touching up images. An example of an image manipulation software is called Adobe Photoshop. The Illustration software is used for the creation of illustration style images. Some examples of illustration style images are the following: Decorative images, logos, illustrations and icons. An example of an illustration software is called Adobe Illustrator.

The images sometimes might require a re sized in the case that the image might not be the exact size for the website. You might also need to remove a portion of the image also called Cropping, with the Crop tool. In several cases cropping and resizing might be the only process you need to edit your image. If you are going to start from scratch, you need to select the shape or canvas and make sure you use HTML for the text in your site. You can use the drawing tool for the design of the new image and select the colors of your convenience. When you have the design done you can add some effects, filers and styles. When the design is done with the effects, you can now optimize the image and be ready to have it in your online site.