Multi-function software for designing houses – Google SketchUp

Google SketchUpGoogle SketchUp is one of the easiest (although not new) programs for the design of the housing from scratch. Less than an hour you need to “build” one-storey house and simulate its facade, locate the windows, doors, roof, and make the road for the car. In other programs, it takes less time, but the creative possibilities of wed-design programs of luxury real estate are limited to a set of predefined textures and materials. This is the advantage of comprehensive, as the universe, and regularly updated library of Google.

And together with the Google 3D Warehouse, it is, without doubt, the most complete library of real estate objects and templates for housing design. For hours it is possible to choose the models of property, people, furniture, machinery, buildings, and landscapes and so on.


SketchUp aesthetic possibilities are limited only by the imagination and ingenuity of the user, so there are no competitors for this aspect. After reviewing one of 50 video instructions, you can draw your own real estate object. Any three-dimensional model is imported directly from SketchUp to 3D Warehouse. It does not need to download and extract to a specific folder, as all techniques are borne by SketchUp.

Even in small things everything depends on the taste. In other variant most people would choose the same form of the parquet or masonry regardless of whether the house is drawn manually or imported from the model collection. You should only type the phrase “SketchUp materials” in Google in order to get the results of the search. The result will be a dozen of pages with links to free materials for design of the housing.

Features and tools:

In SketchUp there are five patterns for three-dimensional model design of the housing: plan, design of the product and the woodwork, engineering, Google Earth modeling and architectural design of the housing. Each template supports both metric (mm) and imperial (inches) system of measures and is designed for a certain type of task. When working on a project at home it is better to use the template of the architectural design. The appearance of the building is possible to make in less than an hour. Three hours is enough for the interior design of the housing and perhaps even the land around your real estate.