Smart ads vs popups

Smart ads on your website can become big money makers. On the other hand, you must refrain from forcing your products or services on the site’s visitors, since that will only scare them away. First, we must define what bad website ads are. A bad website ad will interfere with the easy navigation of you site. Bad ad practices include popups, popunders, and loud flashing animations to mention a few.

These forceful methods have gradually become outdated as a result of the intense annoyance and suspicion that they inspire on the site’s visitors. Such tactics only prompt the visitor to leave your site immediately, fearing viruses, spy-ware, scams and overall cheap design. Additionally, most browsers will automatically block this type of forceful advertising. When a potential customer is trying to focus on the content of your site, the last thing that you want to do is to divert his / her attention with suspicious, overly aggressive advertising.

In my own experience with designing online websites, I’ve learned that good and smart advertising looks natural and mixes perfectly with the background color that you chose for that particular site. Strong contrasts between the ad and the general palette of the site will tend to cheapen its look. Nonetheless, an efficient ad must also be easily noticeable. In other words, you must find a good balance between making your ad as attractive as possible without yelling “look at me!” in desperation.