What is SWF

SWF originally stood for ShockWave Flash, but the name was changed to Small Web Format when the name became confusing in comparison to Shockwave, which is a different type of technology. SWF is a type of file format that can contain applets or animation, that vary in the degree of their functions and their activities. Today, SWF is most commonly used as a format for showing animated graphics on the internet. It is also commonly used in browser games. There are different Adobe products that you can generate SWF files from like Flash, After Effects, Flash Builder, and a command line application compiler that is part of Flex SDK called MXMLC. There are also ways of making your own SWF files from hom by using open source Motion-Twin ActionScript 2 Compiler, or MTASC, the open source Ming library, SWFTools, which is a free software, and SWiSH Max2 are all examples of programs. SWF originally came from the small company called FutureWave Software; their goal was to create small files to display entertaining animations. In these beginning stages, SWF files were limited to showing vector-based object and images in a very simple and sequentiated manner. This little file has grown a lot since it was first produced by FutureWave Software; it has moved through a few different owners and had applications added and taken away throughout the years. Today, it is possible to add audio to your SWF file or to even make your own movie at home using SWF files. It is also more easily accessible as well being that somewhere close to ninety nine perfect of computer owners have a SWF plug in and ninety percent of them have the most up to date Adobe flash player. To make it even easier, SWF files can now be played on most game consoles and cell phones as well.